Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Resolutions Versus Goals

I am no different than anyone else in that I set a New year's Resolution each year. It is usually something like eat healthier, spend more time with family, etc. And, like anyone else, this last's until about February and then it kind of just goes POOF. This year, instead of setting a new years resolution, I am going to set several goals for myself to accomplish throughout the year. I am going to work hard to not forget these goals because I believe that simply forgetting to remember resolutions has been my problem in the past. I am going to make a daily effort to think about what I want to accomplish each morning in order to ultimately reach my goals. I am going to commit to not giving up if I do in fact forget about my goals for a day. I am going to just jump right back on track and keep working at it. So, without further ado, here is my goal list for 2012...

1. Eat healthier. Instead of simply saying "lose weight", I want to try to be more mindful of my food choices. I want to eat more natural, less processed foods.  The hardest part about eating right is that it takes a bit more preparation than popping a pop tart in the toaster or swinging by the McDonald's drive-threw. I am going to try my best to plan ahead and plan so that I won't get to the point where I am so hungry that I am not willing to wait to fix something healthy. Planning is the key I believe. 
2. Make time for exercise. I am guilty of using the excuse "I just don't have time" as my reason for not exercising when in reality I have MORE than enough time to exercise. The problem is that instead of using my time wisely, I spend hours on Facebook, Pinterest, and Polyvore and then have to do homework and everything else in the time I could be exercising. Maybe I should amend this goal to "Use my time wisely" because if I do this, I will have plenty of time for exercise. Weight-loss is not my main goal. I want to feel better. I want to be toned and tight and energized. Now, am I saying that if I lose 10 pounds I want be happy? Heck no.
3. Read my bible daily. This may be the hardest one on my list. This goes along with feeling better. I need to get up in the morning, read my bible and talk to God. I make excuses for not doing this, just like for not exercising but, the truth is, there is no excuse.

What are your resolutions goals for 2012? I'd love to hear what you hope to accomplish during the new year.

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