Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To Each His Own

Will Rogers once said, "We will never have true civilization until we learn to recognize the rights of others" and, I must say, I have to agree. One of, if not the number one, greatest things about this country (aside from fried cheese, corn dogs, and fried Snickers) is our freedom. We are free to serve or believe in whatever higher power we choose, voice our opinions in front of the President's house, and to own a gun for sport or for protection. I don't set out to tell others about my faith, unless of course they ask. I have no desire to protest animal testing, war, or anything else for that matter. I have no interest in running out and buying a gun. That certainly does not mean, however, that I do not think other people should voice their religious opinions, protest whatever they wish til they are blue in the face, or purchase as many guns as they want (legally) if they so wish. Who am I to say what others should or should not do? Who am I to decide what is right or wrong? I know who I will answer to when I leave this world, and it isn't the government, my mother, or the little old lady sitting front and center at church every Sunday.

The meaning of life is something I believe everyone is trying to figure out, consciously or subconsciously. Whether we like it or not, we may never truly figure it out until we leave this earth. I do know, however, that it is important to be happy. Life is short. Too short. And too many people spend their entire lives trying to be happy but never succeeding. That is sad. I think that if you are truly happy with your life and your choices, you are doing all right. And I believe that keeping anyone from doing something that would make them truly happy is disgraceful. You may not agree with it, you may not like it, but guess what? You don't have to do it. It's so simple! It is not our job and it is far too time consuming and exhausting to try and control other people's lifestyles. Although the issue at hand today has to do with marriage equality, that is not the only controversy this idea applies to. This goes for anything. You want to drink and I don't? Great! Drink away. You want to sing karaoke every Saturday even though you and everyone else knows you are a terrible singer? Sing your heart out, baby. You want to wear cargo shorts? By all means, be my guest! People should be entitled to do what makes them happy.

To quote my all time favorite movie, that's all I have to say about that.

Love, C

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