Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm lovin' it

Things I'm totally diggin right now...

This is METROMINT water.
Seriously, it is the most refreshing water eva. All it is is water with real mint. No sweeteners, no nothin. All natural. It comes in peppermint, spearamint, chocolate mint, and orange. I'm usually not a fan of flavored water but believe me, THIS is not flavored water. It is a little pricy for water (1.49/ bottle) but I have found that you can mix just a little bit with regular water and it still has the flavor. Heaven.

My new Silpada bracelet.
Lightweight and pretty, the momma and daddy gave this and a sterling silver and pearl ring--which has been sent back to resize :(-- to me for graduation. Love.
Check out the Silpada site Here

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer
This is the best chapstick ever. I Don't really like Chaptick brand chapstick because it is not shiny and feels waxy. This, however, is shiny and moisturizing in one. Plus, it has SPF 15--nothing hurts worse than sunburned lips!

High beam by Benefit Cosmetics

I apply this to my check bones after I have done all of my make up and I love it! It adds a little sparkle and enhances my cheekbones which is good for someone with chubby cheeks like myself. I also have the gold one, I think it may be called low beam, which I like to use at night. I love Benfit cosmetics, especially there Bad Gal mascara.

Bath and Body Works SLEEP pillow mist. I spritz this on my pillows and sheets at night before I go into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth and when I come back my room is filled with the calming scent of Lavender. I find my self burrying my head in my pillow because it is so relaxing. It may be all in my head, but I really do believe this helps me get to sleep quicker. Fresh crispy line dried sheets and some of this and I wake feeling like I've slept for 10 hours!

Health Magazine! This is the best health/fitness magazine i've ever read. It isn't boring and has more to it than diets food and exercise plans. There are also articles about other issues, fashion advice, and FOOD! My subsription is about to be up and I will definitely be re-subscribing.

SJ                   FH
The babies that made me Auntie C. Prisser and Little Mister are my niece and nephew. Prisser lives only two minutes from me and Little Mister lives in the bedroom next to mine for the time being :) Priss and Mister couldn't be more different. While Priss is opinionated, confident, and firey, Mister is laid back, snuggley, and cool. Different and perfect in their own ways.

Love, C

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