Monday, May 23, 2011


The end of highschool came and went as quickly as it began. I spent months looking forward to the day of graduation and being finished with school and then it was there, staring me in the face. I wasn't nearly as excited as i thought I would be and I was not nervous (unlike some of my classmates proclaiming that they may throw up seconds before we enter the auditorium.) I was simply at peace. I felt content and confident with my years and years in school. And so I walked, shook my principals hand, and recieved my diploma. Afterward we had a lunch party, full of friends and family, which was alot of fun. Two of my uncles came down to the volunteer state all the way from North Carolina and Pennsylvania, as did my grandmother. Gramma approved of Boyfriend, proclaiming "I like him better than that last boy you had around." So do I gramma, so do I.

Me and my will-be roomie in the fall

The next order of business now that highschool is in the past and college is on the horizon is a pretty common question. Everyone has their opinion and I am pretty open minded--MAC or PC?! Now I have heard all of the common knowlege of "MACs are more expensive" (Duh) "MACs are best if you are doing something in graphic design" (I'm not) and "PCs get viruses easier" (I don't want any of that) But I really have NO idea what to do. I would love a MAc because they do run very fast and are pretty and clean, but if I knew that I could get the perfect PC and everything would be peaches then I would. My parents are the ones who are buying the computer, so I would hate to ask for a super expensive computer, but I would also hate for them to buy one that won't last. Any insight?

More exciting than graduating or choosing an appropriate computer is what will happen in about 72 hours...

Got it? As if the first picture didn't give it away. Yes, WE ARE GOING TO IRELAND!!! At precisely 6:00 PM thursday the momma and I will be on a plane headed to London where we will take another flight over to the great green isle. We have been planing this trip for so long and we are SO excited. We can't wait to eat scones with afternoon tea, see all of the history such as the blahrney stone, and see The Phantom of The Opera and the end of our trip when we return to London. I'm also so excited to shop! I've done a little shopping for clothes to wear while there, but most of my money is being saved. And I am lucky enough to have found such an awesome and adorable blog months ago that gave me great ideas for what to wear while there. Check her out!

So that is that. You can expect lots of pictures and lots of stories upon my return! Am. So. Excited.

Love C

P.S. I am so proud of Boyfriend as he is the 2011 TranSouth State golf champion and is now at nationals! So keep him in your prayers the next few days as he goes for the win. :)

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