Thursday, May 19, 2011

Change we need...and I'm not talkin' about Obama's campaign

Modify, alter, transform, mutate. Change.

 It is inevitable. People mature, get new hairstyles and clothing, meet new people and make new friends. This happens to people in every stage of life. Children, teens, young adults. The change that is on my mind is one of the most important, in my opinion. That is, the transition between living under one’s parent’s roof, going to high school, hanging out with friends...and moving out to live in a tiny square room with another person, taking showers in a bathroom with numerous other showers and toilets and talking girls. Yes, you got it, college. This change that I speak of has consumed my mind for most of senior year and now that that is over with, my mind is an obsessive mess of bedding, tuition, space savers, and mini-fridges.

While I will be living about two hours away, away from my parents sister and niece and nephew, and will have to manage my time and get things done on my own--I could not be more excited ecstatic. So Saturday I will put on a puffy white gown and a silly hat with a tassel and I will walk the line to my diploma. To my future. Cheers!

I'll be wearing this little baby in two days. :)

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