Sunday, June 19, 2011

As the Irish love to say, never do today what you can put off til tomorrow.

I guess I have really taken to living by that phrase seeing as I have been from Ireland/London over a week already and am just now getting around to posting about it. Ahh well, better late than never. After a very tiring journey on 10+ hours, we arrived at the Heathrow Airport (London) on Friday morning.

Anxiously awaiting our flight

We were picked up there by momma's friend Joan and taken to her flat for a couple of hours before boarding another plane and heading to Dublin. As we descended onto the runway at the Dublin airport, the view was like a movie. Absolutely beautiful with the blue water and greenery everywhere. We spent the night in Dublin that evening and went into town the next morning to meet up with our tour group we boarded the bus for a look around Dublin. We saw O'connell street, the infamous Molly Malone, and St. Patricks Cathedral, among other things.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Outside of the cathedral. It was VERY windy in Ireland, obviously.

Irish Potato Famine Memorial

The most photographed door in Dublin 

This man had a crush on The Momma I guess. This picture was his idea...

After seeing a few sights, we went to the Jameson Distillery to take a tour and learn how the fantastic irish whiskey is made.

At the end of the distillery tour there was a whiskey tasting and wouldn't you know that yours truly and The Momma were selected to be on thee tasting council! We tasted three different whiskeys; Scotch Whiskey, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and of course good ol' Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey! I do have to admit the Jameson beat the Scotch and Even the Jack, regaurdless of where it is made.

The Momma and me at the distillery. This was one of my favorite things!

That night Momma and I explored some of downtown Dublin on foot.

Old  cobble stone road in Dublin. Even the roads are quaint there!

 Because traffic flows on opposite sides of the road from in The States, there were signs painted by most cross walks reminding bloody tourists people to "look left" or "look right"

 Not before returning to the hotel did momma trip on a sidewalk and banged up her knee  and elbow pretty bad! Luckily it was not too serious and she was able to have fun the rest of the trip with a little help from some band-aides and neosporin.


The next day, Sunday, we went to The National Irish Stud Farm and Japanese Gardens.

 Ireland is big on horse racing, and this is where people bring their mares to mate with one of the champion male horses. The more wins a male has, the more expensive it is to mate with a person's mare. We even got to see The Queen's (of England) horse. He was shy though and ran before I could snap a photo.

Momma and me in the Japanes Gardens. It was beautiful!


We then when on to our next destionation which was Kilkenny. This was such a neat little town with lots of shops and a castle there there in town.

In this little town is whre I found my Cladagh ring. It was the neatest little gold and silversmith's shop and I was even able to meet the girl who made my ring for me and see where it was made.

This post is filling up quickly. I did not realize just how many pictures I have and how many places we went! So I think this will have to be continued... :)

Love, C

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