Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm lovin' it

In honor of Wednesday, here are the thing's I'm lovin' right now...

Victoria's Secret "tease" body mist. My soon-to-be roomie Sally talked me into buying this the other day and I am so glad she did. I usually don't buy fragrances from VS because they are usually too strong for me and give me a headache, but this doesen't. It is just light enough. Delicious.

McDonalds real fruit mango and pineapple smothie. When McDonalds first came out with their fruit smoothies I was super excited and then super let down. I'm not a huge fan of the strawberry one and especially not a fan of the berry, but this one is awesome. It tastes so fresh and not artificial at all. Plus, right now they are only a dolla!
I know it is kind of strange to love a particular hair product, but love I do. This is the first mousse I have found that actually makes my hair curly. Most mouse just causes my hair to look "crispy" and kind of wet looking. This actually makes my hair soft and curly all day. Plus, if you were raised anything like me, you were raised to love a good bargain and that is so what this is. I just put it in my hair when it is wet, scrunch it with a towel, and use the difusser attachment on my hair dryer. (I know, I know. Just call me your personal Suave consultant.)  LOVE.

 My Chihuahua Bites Nails Poilish by O.P.I
An oldie but a goodie. This is the perfect summer shade. Not too pink, not too orange, not too red. This came in close running with another O.P.I fav, Cajun Shrimp. This week though, my toes are sportin' My Chihuahua Bites.

Ahh, summer toes.

My lovely job!
Of course I don't always want to come down here and work, but I really am blessed to have this job (or any job for that matter). I work with some very nice people (including my awesome friend Jess) I get to talk to some pretty hilarious people on the phone, and after I get all of my work done I have time to do things I like to do such as writing about things I like or reading how Kate Middleton is adapting to her new royal life. Win!

Watch it!

What are you totally diggin' today?

Love, C

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