Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who knew that playing in a sewer could be so fun?

A few days ago I took my honorary nephew Gordon out for the day. Gordy is the funniest and cutest  five year old I know, hands down. I went and picked Gordon up at his house and we said goodbye to his mommy (who was getting ready for her first baby doctor appointment!) We headed down to a fountain that is in the middle of a nice outdoor shopping mall for Gordon to play.

I have always loved this fountain and loved watching how it changes during the year. In the fall, the fountain rains down as people walk down the side walks, zipping in and out of the crisp air into store after store. There are old men sitting, watching the beautiful water fountain from nearby benches. Children look longingly towards the water, remebering warm summer days. In the Winter couples walk hand in mittened hand, peacoats buttoned to their chin. The neon lights light up the icy clear water as grandmothers search the surrounding stores, looking for the perfect Christmas gift. As Spring comes around children flirst with the edge of the fountain, still fully clothed with no intention to run into the shooting water. And with the scorching days that come with the summer months of June through Septemeber, children joyous run through the fountain without a care in the world, with moms (and aunts) watching and laughing and snapping photos.

I smiled and laughed (ALOT) as I watched Gordon James play in the water and refer to it as "the sewer". Something about the fact that Gordon will go to school and tell his friends that he played in the sewer this weekend made me laugh quite a bit. Unfortunately my camera was dead so I had to rely on my phone for some pictures.

Speaking of Gordon James, He turned five a couple weeks ago. I have not missed a birthday party for this boy yet, and this year was no exception.

Other than swimming and hanging out with my totally edible niece (enter adorable pictures of Priss)

There has been a whole-lotta nothin' goin' on. I work, I nap, I eat. Oh and I hangout with him :)

*Sigh* :P

As long as I am squeezing everything that has been going on into one post, I cut my hair off!
I'm slowly getting used to it...slowly.

And finally, I went to orientation for college monday and Tuesday. It was boring boring boring but I got to choose my classes and meet a *few normal people.
Oh, you know, just hangin out with my student ID. When I told boyfriend that alot of the people at the orientation were strange, he said maybe you are the strange one and they are all saying that about you...nahhh. :)

Maybe once I get my computer TOMORROW I'll blog more. Maybe.

Love, C

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  1. I was thinking about all the hilarious things Gordon said while at "the sewer" just the other day. "And I'm probably going to be hungry when we get out of the theaters..." I love him. He is too cute! And I love your hair!