Saturday, August 13, 2011

Are all aussies as steamy as you, Keith? *Bats eyelashes*

 Last Saturday night, many lucky Nashville ladies' mouths watered in unison at this site--

 Among those lucky ladies?
Last Saturday night this girlmy sister, and a friend down for a visit from PA (sorry Debs, you don't have a blog so you don't get a  fancy link) and I went to the Keith Urban concert! We went to The Spaghetti Factor for dinner and then proceeded to dance and sing the rest of the night.

  Jake Owen opening the show

You can put me in a song any day Keith...we're on first name basis now, if you haven't noticed.

Right about now is when my sister and I were screaming like little girls who have just spotted a Justin Bieber look-alike. We had floor seats that were not too shabby at all, but when Keith came out into the middle of the floor, we were literally 5 rows away. No camera zoom needed. :) 


It was definitely a very fun time. Next up, we're seeing The Help! My sister read this book and then got me to read it--Amazing! It is a story about black maids (hence The Help in the l960's and what life was like for them because of how they were treated by the families they worked for. It is definitely sad in parts but it is also funny and very sweet. I haven't seen the movie yet but since books are usually better than the movie version, you should definitely read it!

Have a good weekend!

Love, C

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