Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Time

It's time to break this blogging dry spell. I have actually typed out a new post two times...obviously neither made it to the interwebs. The first time, my computer died just as I finished and did not save the post. The second time, I finished the post and clicked "publish" and nothing happened. I clicked it again, still nothing. I clicked it once more, and nothing happened. I proceeded to slam my computer shut calmly close my computer and breath. So here's to try number three... I miss blogging, so I am going to attempt to stay on top of it, especially because I will be moving into a house with two of my favorite ladies in January. It is kind of strange to announce this to the blog world without ever having done a post about moving to college or my dorm room. However, by this point, I obviously do not care about my dorm room and the newness of college has worn off. I will give a short recap of the last few months and then I will be moving on... 1. Moved to college in August. Adorable dorm room...minus the mold, smell, and the fact that I am forced to make eye contact with several people on the way to the a towel. 2. Joined the first and the best sorority (ADPi!) 3. Went to classes. 4. Now moving out. Although I will miss my roomie, I am THRILLED to be moving into a house with my own space and BATHROOM and to be living with two of my sisters! I just received the email today confirming that I am allowed to move out of the dorm so to celebrate, I am going to make a wreath for our front door! Wish me luck :) I can't wait to post pictures of our house before and after our "renovation" (meaning some rearranging and spray paint.) Happy Thanksgiving! :) Love, C

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