Monday, August 1, 2011

Days of the week *snap snap* Days of the week *snap snap*

Yesterday was July 31st, making today August 1st. Duh right? Well I move into school on August 25th... Woooo. I got really excited this morning and after gazing at my new stuff for my dorm for several minutes taking inventory of my dorm stuff, I considered putting a few things in my trunk to get the packing started. I decided it was a tad too soon. Needless to say, I am excited.
Now that it is August, I know that time will start moving quickly. My last day of work is just 17 short days away. 8 days after that, I'm out of here. Crazy. When I was little, I would think about college and think about graduating from high school and would think "that will be cool" but it was so far away that I honestly never thought it would happen to me. I am not sure what I thought would happen between then and now to prevent it...aliens invading the planet? Another great flood, perhaps? Y2k? And now, here we are. Lady gaga has invaded, nashville went underwater last spring, and we survived the year 2000. I guess now I'm waiting on 2012... My point is, this feels surreal. I don't even think it has hit me that I never have to go back to the worst place on earth  high school again. When my brother and sister were growing up, they always looked so much older than me. They seemed like adults when they hit the tenth grade. I kept waiting to look like that myself, and it still hasn't happened. I remember thinking how cool the kids looked standing outside of the middle school as I, the timid second grader, waited for the monster pre-teens to load the bus. And then, as I finally walked from my high school, keys in hand to my car, I waited for that moment to feel "so old and cool" as the children on the bus passed by. Never happened. I no longer feel like a second grader, I have actually moved up to feeling like a seventh grader. Maybe by the time I graduate from college I will feel like a high schooler. Maybe.

So as I spend my final days as a child in my parent's house, I will not worry. I will not stress. I will not cry knowing that I won't get to see this face every day...

 At least I'll get to see this face a little bit more :)

We love my new Macbook...and each other if you can't tell ;)
Happy Monday :)

Love, C

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