Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A mess of a Cristmas gift and a lazy-gal Oreo Truffle recipe

Remember that trip trip me and the momma took this summer? The one to Europe? Well until yesterday, I had not printed out any pictures from the trip. I have a bad habit of taking tons of pictures and then never printing them off. They just get trapped in picture limbo, doomed to reside in the place which is my memory card. I have recently solved that problem by losing my memory card, but that's a whole other thing. Anyway, I decided several months back about two days ago that it would be a wonderful idea to make the momma a scrap book of our wonderful trip as a Christmas present. Is a Scrapbook of such a fun and exciting trip a good idea for a Christmas present? Absolutely. Does a good scrapbook take more than a couple of days to piece together. Absolutely. So I guess what I am saying is that I am really hoping that I can get this done by Christmas but, instead of working on it, I am blogging. I like to scrapbook in my own time. I like to do a page and then go do something else. Come back, cut a few things, and then leave again. With T-3 days to go til Christmas, however, that is not really an option...and yet here I still sit, writing. Oh well. I will get it done...
The mess art I have made so far at work... 

Besides this mess of a gift, I am done with my Christmas gifts for everyone else. I am really excited about Christmas Eve because of the food quality time with my family. Also, Christmas eve is when Boyfriend and I are going to give each other our gifts and I am very excited to see what he thinks of his presents from me. And in keeping with the Christmas spirit, we are going ice skating in Nashville on Friday night :) I haven't been ice skating in forever so it should be a good site to see me clawing boyfriend like a cat trying to escape a bathtub gracefully lacing hands with Boyfriend as we glide along the ice together. 

As my title promised, I will be bestowing upon you one of my Lazy-Gal recipes. If I can keep this blogging thing up after I go back to school, hopefully I will post a new recipe every couple of weeks or so. We will see how that goes after I am back to barely having time to chew gum. 
Without further ado, I give you Oreo Truffles (I know I know, you've seen this "recipe" a million times. NO comments from the peanut gallery, please.) Oreo Truffles or, as some like to call them, Oreo Balls (I decided I preferred to say Oreo truffles as apposed to balls. Seventh grade boy at heart)are very very easy to make. 

What you need is-- 
1.One pack Oreo's (Don't tell Nabisco but the Kroger/Walmart brand taste the same when all is said and done and the truffles have been dipped) 
2.Half block (4oz) cream cheese per pack of Oreos 
3.One bag or milk or white chocolate chips. (A lot of people use vanilla flavored bark which is perfectly okay, I have used that before. It is a bit cheaper than the chips. However, the white chocolate chips do taste better and are richer.) 
4.2 Tablespoons Crisco Shortening (for the dipping process) 
5.Wax Paper 6.Food Processor 

What To do-- 
1.Take about 8 cookies out of the pack and place in food processor (you could use more depending on the size of your processor) grind cookies until there are no big chunks left. Do this for the rest of the cookies. 
2.Place cookie crumbs in a large bowl and add the cream cheese. 
3. I have found that the easiest way to mix the cookies and the cream cheese is to wash your hands and dive in. Mixing it with a spoon just doesn't do the trick. 
4. Once the crumbs and cream cheese are thoroughly mixed, roll the mixture into one inch balls and place in the freezer. 
5. Next, pour the chocolate chips and the Crisco into a double boiler (you could microwave the chocolate but then you have to worry about burning it and heating it over and over) and put on low heat. The Crisco is used to help the chocolate melt better and go a longer way. 
6. Once the chocolate is melted completely, remove the truffles from the freezer and get to dippin. Dipping is the hardest part, you just kind of have to find your groove. 
7. As you bring the truffles out of the melted chocolate place them on the wax paper and sprinkle with nuts, sprinkles, or left over cookie crumbs. 
8. Let the truffles cool and then put them in cute tins for gifts, or eat them yourself. :)
Here are some that I made last night for a few people at work. The white ones are the original Oreos and the Chocolate are mint Oreos. The mint are made the exact same way except, obviously, with mint Oreos and dipped in milk instead of white chocolate. There is an off-brand of the mint ones too. These are super easy to make and everyone will LOVE them! They are great as a gift for co-workers or for Boyfriend's mom and sister, etc. 
Happy Baking :)

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